Earning your business

There are a lot of remodeling companies out there that will want to charge you something to come out to your home and take a look at your project. At The Cabinetree we have always believed in earning our clients business. Remodeling your home is a big investment….and we are going to invest in you.

In-Home Design Consultation

The first step in our process is for us to come to your home and take photographs and detailed measurements of your space. We will discuss with you your goals and wish list for your remodel . We will use this information to create a conceptual 3D drawing of your space.

In-Showroom Design Meeting

Once we have completed your conceptual 3D drawings you will be contacted to set up a time to come into our showroom to go over the drawings, and discuss your likes, dislikes, etc. Once we have developed a finalized design the next step is to come back to your home with everyone that needs to be involved in the project.

In-Home Trades Meeting

During this phase we will come back out to your house with anyone that needs to be involved in the project. Carpenter, plumber, electrician, flooring installer, etc. We do this for a couple of reasons 1) You get to meet the people that will be working in your home. 2) Everyone takes a look at the plans in the space, talking about any foreseen issues. Going through this process really helps to minimize anything that may arise during the project. When we give you a price….the price really is the price unless you add or change something.

Proposal Meeting

Once we have put together the final pricing for your project, you will be contacted to come back into our showroom and go over your construction proposal. Our proposal is very detailed and will spell out everything that is included in your project. For some items, such as tile, cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, etc. we will have allowances in the price until you make your final selections. This is the point where we will ask for a signed contract and down payment. This gets you a spot on our schedule, as well as a meeting with our interior designers that will then walk you through the final selection phase.

Selections Meeting

Once you have signed a contract with us you will then schedule a meeting with one of our interior designers, at which point you will make all of your final selections. Once you work through this process your project will be scheduled for construction.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Before construction starts on your project one of our project managers will schedule a time to come back to your house and go over a checklist of items with you. During this time is when we answer any questions you may have as well as go over final details, such as where to place the dumpster, and staging areas for materials. All of our projects have a schedule made out for them and this schedule will be followed exactly….we finish all of our projects on-time.

Construction & Completion

Every project we have has an assigned Foreman that will be overseeing your project. A project binder is created and left on the jobsite that will be a guide for everyone that is going to be working on your project. All items such as final drawings, tile layouts, appliance specs, etc. will be included in this binder. From start to finish, you will be totally informed and taken care of. At The Cabinetree we pride ourselves with our process and it has been proven to work time and time again.